Keeping record of attendance is one of most important requirements in any organization or in an educational institute. There are many RFID AFIC systems available in the market for this purpose but Securerisks with its R&D partner Robotek has designed a system SAMS which is different from others as it sends an SMS to designated number or numbers when a card or tag is scanned through a reader.

In current security situation knowing that your children have reached their School safe and sound is of great importance, in an educational Institute SAMS can help to maintain daily attendance and at the same time this can also inform parents through SMS, about arrival and departure time of their children from their school.

–          No installation / fixed cost

–          Multiple reports available periodic & on demand

–          Easy data entry

–          Multiple groups entry

–          User friendly system

–          Compatible to all RFID systems

–          Daily entry/exit SMS alerts

–          Additional SMS alerts